Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase & Symposium


Service. Partnership. Research.

The Robert G. Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium recognizes the impact of service, partnership, and research on the IUPUI campus and in the community. The symposium presentations provide an opportunity for campus and community constituents to share their collaborative strategies, research and/or outcomes with others in order to advance higher education's community engagement and improve the quality of life in Indianapolis and beyond.

All presentations will take place in the IUPUI Campus Center Theatre from 3:45-5:00 p.m. Details for 2015 Symposium presentations are outlined below. 

Symposium Sessions
  • Insurgent Architectures in Support of Urban Agriculture

    Presenter(s): Timothy C. Gray, Ball State University Faculty, Lucas Brown, Ball State University Visiting Instructor, Brooke Longcore, Ball State University Student, Jared Monce, Ball State University Student, Logan RichmondBall State University Student, Austin Zehr, Ball State University Student
    Presentation Format: Pecha Kucha

  • Designing With, Not For: Engaging Communities through Participatory Design

    Presenter(s): Pamela C. Napier, IUPUI Faculty
    Presentation Format: Pecha Kucha

  • Answering the Call of Martindale Brightwood (MB), Partnership that Works

    Presenter(s): Aster Bekele, Felege Hiywot Center
    Presentation Format: Pecha Kucha

  • Advancing Quality of Life with Health Promotion through Community Engagement

    Presenter(s): Joycelyn L Howard, IUPUI Student, Elizabeth Ferguson, IUPUI Student, Danielle Perkins, IUPUI Faculty
    Presentation Format: Pecha Kucha

  • The SLA and TA Experience - What it’s All About

    Presenter(s): Kaine P. Teme, IUPUI Student
    Presentation Format: Pecha Kucha

  • Growing Season: Lessons from an Urban Farmer

    Presenter(s): Michael Higbee, Central Greens, LLC, Justin Berg, Central Greens, LLC, Ryan Kamp, Central Greens, LLC
    Presentation Format: BOB Talk

Presentation Formats
  • Pecha Kucha

    Pecha Kucha, Japanese for the “sound of conversation” or “chit chat,” is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). It is not designed to provide in-depth analysis of an issue. Rather, the format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, and allows more time for audience discussion of the topic. Pecha Kucha presentations are ideal to showcase innovative ideas or methods to advance community-university partnerships and engagement. The format challenges presenters to clearly and succinctly explain their idea or insight in a manner more evocative than the standard Power Point presentation. Accepted presentations in this format are not required to follow the exact slide to second ratio; however, presenters that choose this presentation style will be confined to a 7 minute presentation limit.

  • BOB (Bursts of Brilliance) Talks

    "B.O.B. (Bursts of Brilliance) Talks" are formatted similar to the TED Talk model in which each presenter shares a short story/commentary that inspires or challenges our audience’s thinking. Individual B.O.B. talks last 13 minutes. Stories shared in this format should reflect the individual’s genuine experience with and relevant knowledge of their selected topic. Presenters should also make demonstrate the relevance of their topic/story to the conference theme. The purpose of these presentations is to provide dynamic, quick paced overviews and discussions about provocative topics/experiences in our field.

Expected Audience

Attendees for the symposium include community representatives, researchers, campus administrators, students, faculty, and staff.