Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase & Symposium


Service. Partnership. Research.

The Robert G. Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium recognizes the impact of service, partnership, and research on the IUPUI campus and in the community. The symposium presentations provide an opportunity for campus and community constituents to share their collaborative strategies, research and/or outcomes with others in order to advance higher education's community engagement and improve the quality of life in Indianapolis and beyond.

Details for 2015 Symposium presentation proposals will be posted in Fall 2014. Below is a review of 2014 Symposium presentations:

Symposium Sessions I
  • Hope Seekers: Safe House in Swaziland (Campus Center, Room 305)

    The Hope Seekers: Safe House multi-media presentation will walk the audience through the process of designing and building a full scale prototype of crisis housing for victims of gender based violence in Swaziland, Africa. We will also discuss the international community impact and developing IUPUI study abroad opportunities in Swaziland.

    Presenter(s): Beth Huffman, IUPUI Faculty/Staff, Rachel Ogorek, IUPUI Student, Hayley Earley, IUPUI Student
    Track: Community and campus collaborations that achieve community outcomes

  • Innovation in Minority Business: The Idea Realized (Campus Center, Room 307)

    This session will give the audience an overview of an undergraduate research project that resulted in a significant impact on the work of a Dreamapolis Indy, a local non-profit that focuses on helping urban entrepreneurs.  The idea originally pitched during the campus 2013 Ideals Solving Social and Economic Issues Student Pitch Competition, is a great example of student-led community engaged research. Come learn more about the Center for Innovation in Minority Business that was created to be a network of resources that addresses the barriers of small business growth. 

    Presenter(s): Kendrea Williams, IUPUI Student
    Track: Assessment, scholarship, and research in collaboration with and/or benefiting the community

  • Service Learning is Win-Win: Powerful Partnerships = Empowered Students (Campus Center, Room 309)

    This presentation will describe step-by-step how to set up a service learning project for your class.  Developing content, finding community partners, motivating students, and assessment will be discussed.  The presentation will also include dialogue regarding best practices in Service Learning so that brainstorming and collaboration across disciplines can take place.  This is a presentation for those that have considered how to incorporate service learning in the classroom but were not sure how to do it.  Students and experienced faculty are also encouraged to attend to share best practices. 

    Presenter(s): Mike Polites, IUPUI Faculty/Staff
    Track: Engaged faculty and staff advancing teaching, learning, and program development in civic engagement

Symposium Sessions II
  • Engaging Citizens: A Cross Cultural Comparison of Youth Definitions of Engaged Citizenship (Campus Center, Room 305)

    As we work to develop campus and community partnerships, it is important to recognize that diverse cultural groups may define civic engagement differently. This interactive session will summarize research exploring differences between German and American youth in cultural understandings of engaged citizenry.  Then a panel of international students organized by the Global Voices Speakers Program will share their perspectives on what it means to be an engaged citizen and discuss their experiences with service learning/civic engagement in their home country and at IUPUI.  Audience members will be invited to engage in conversation on the topic and explore implications for developing civic engagement opportunities in light of cultural differences.

    Presenter(s): Dr. Elizabeth Goering, IUPUI Faculty/Staff
    Track: Engaged faculty and staff advancing teaching, learning, and program development in civic engagement

  • Breaking Boundaries: Bringing the Classroom to Prison (Campus Center, Room 307)

    In the 2013 fall semester, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI embarked on a unique collaboration between the Indianapolis Re-entry Educational Facility (IREF) prison and our Themed Learning Community. Students visited IREF to tour the facility, talk with 10-20 residents, and participate in weekly Toastmaster meetings. Come hear every aspect of this transformative experience from the idea creation to the final meeting of the semester including personal experiences and student data collected using three assessment tools throughout the semester.

    Presenter(s): James Eckerty, IUPUI Faculty/Staff, Kate Thedwall, IUPUI Faculty/Staff, Dr. Crystal Garcia, IUPUI Faculty/Staff, Chad Montgomery, IUPUI Student
    Track: Engaged faculty and staff advancing teaching, learning, and program development in civic engagement

  • Role Modeling Healthy Habits: Best Buddies of Indiana (Campus Center, Room 308)

    This presentation will highlight and explain how role modeling healthy behaviors can positively impact the health habits of members of the community, specifically the health habits of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Presenters will share insights on the impact this collaboration has had on its intended audience. The attendees will learn how to effectively impact the health habits of individuals with intellectual disabilities in a positive manner based on our research and findings.

    Presenter(s): Danielle Jonas, IUPUI Student, Peter Gunderman, IUPUI Student
    Track: Assessment, scholarship, and research in collaboration with and/or benefiting the community

  • Mutually Beneficial Campus/Community Practices: Lessons Learned and Future Visions (Campus Center, Room 309)

    This discussion is intended for those interested in creating new partnerships. This panel will discuss mutually beneficial campus/community practices including assessing community resources and need, reciprocal partnership benefits, shared decisions and visions, and how new Shared Use Agreement state legislation supports new program creation. Panelists will include the PARCS Program Director, Allison Plopper, another faculty member Dr. NiCole Keith, Athletic Director from George Washington Community School, Christopher Walker and the Director Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center Ben Jones, a program participant (TBD), and a service learning student, Daniel Powell.

    Presenter(s): Allison Plopper, IUPUI Faculty/Staff, Dr. NiCole Keith, IUPUI Faculty/Staff, Christopher Walker, Community Partner, Ben Jones, Community Partner, and Daniel Powell, IUPUI Student
    Track: Community and campus collaborations that achieve community outcomes

Expected Audience

Attendees for the symposium include community representatives, researchers, campus administrators, students, faculty, and staff.

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