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Nicole Oglesby

Director of Diverse Community Partnerships

IUPUI and the Center for Service and Learning work not only for student success within the university, but also for the betterment of education and communities throughout Indianapolis.

Nicole Oglesby, director of diverse community partnerships in the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, collaborates with the university and CSL to continue improving programs for student achievement at three Indiana Public Schools (IPS) elementary schools.

“CSL is a major resource to do my job of civic engagement,” Oglesby says. “CSL is very helpful in making connections with organizations, finding people who have certain expertise, and opportunities like the symposium are phenomenal”

Oglesby directs the Martindale Brightwood Alliance for Educational Success (MBAES), which received the Community Learning Network’s $2.5 million federal grant supporting three full-service community schools in the Martindale-Brightwood area—James Russell Lowell School 51, Frances W. Parker School 56, and Joyce Kilmer School 69. The grant funds have transformed these schools into learning environments that meet the academic, social, and health needs of more than 1,300 students.

She often consults CSL to maintain a strong relationship between the elementary schools and the university students, faculty, and fellow staff. For example, she and CSL are collaborating on a proposal to connect IUPUI nursing students with eastside elementary schools, giving students hands-on experience and the schools more health resources.

Oglesby also held a position on the programming subcommittee of the Robert G. Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium last year. She finds the symposium to be one of her most valuable resources. She says she can always count on the friendly, helpful nature of all the CSL staff.

“CSL allows people to give back,” Oglesby says. “The historical significance of CSL is really unique. They are at the forefront of helping others give back, and they can help you put together a strategy. They take what you want to do and work from there. I often refer people to them.”