Mission & Goals


The Center for Service and Learning engages students, faculty, staff, and community members in educationally meaningful service to promote learning and development; advances best practices and research; achieves community goals through partnerships; and furthers the civic engagement mission of IUPUI.


To transform universities and communities through educationally meaningful service.


The center’s work is to be consistent with the following values.

Programmatic Values

We value programs that:

  • Reflect our mission
  • Are innovative and educationally meaningful
  • Change lives through a commitment to the ethic of service
  • Improve social conditions in the community
  • Involve reflective practice that informs participants
  • Build upon campus and community assets
  • Respect the diversity of constituents
Operational Values

We value program operations that:

  • Use teamwork to improve how programs are implemented
  • Employ creative leadership to foster effective collaboration
  • Demonstrate scholarly rigor
  • Monitor and assess outcomes for program improvement
  • Use resources in an ethical, informed, and effective way
Informational Values

We value knowledge that:

  • Is generated in and with communities
  • Is derived from service experiences
  • Is gained through reflective practice
  • Contributes to social change
  • Respects diverse perspectives
Relational Values

We value collaborative relationships that:

  • Advance our mission and vision
  • Celebrate and recognize the contributions of others
  • Promote integrity and commitment
  • Are formed through constructive dialogue
  • Develop over time


  1. Community Partnership Development: CSL achieves community goals through partnerships. Developing and supporting relationships with community partners is essential to fulfilling CSL’s mission.
  2. Faculty and Staff Development: CSL collaborates with others on campus. Working with faculty and staff to achieve shared goals is critical to supporting learning and sustaining community partnerships.
  3. Student Learning and Development: CSL supports student learning and development. Designing educationally meaningful service experiences is an effective way to develop civic-minded graduates.
  4. Civic Engagement in Higher Education: CSL furthers IUPUI’s civic engagement mission. Advancing the public purposes of higher education is important locally, nationally, and internationally.
  5. Assessment, Research, and Scholarship: As an IUPUI Signature Center, CSL advances best practices and research. Assessing learning outcomes and conducting research is essential to improved practice.
  6. Communication and Marketing: CSL engages others in educationally meaningful service. Recognizing the contributions of others is valuable to sustaining service as a distinctive aspect of campus culture.
  7. Organizational Effectiveness, Sustainability, and Accountability: CSL makes wise use of human and fiscal resources. Cultivating internal capacity is vital to sustaining programs and creating new initiatives.