Faculty & Staff

Dissemination Grants

The Center for Service and Learning (CSL) provides small grants ($250 - $750) to support faculty and instructional staff to disseminate knowledge and other forms of innovation related to civic and community engagement in higher education.  Applications are welcomed that relate to the following topics:

  1. Instructional models and assessments associated with community-engaged teaching practices such as service learning, faculty mentored community-based participatory research,, global service learning, inter-professional education, etc. 
  2. Studies using community engaged inquiry methods (action research, participatory design, developmental evaluation, participatory evaluation, CPAR, etc.).
  3. Research on student learning outcomes, student motivations, etc. associated with community-engaged learning environments.
  4. Theoretical papers or critiques devoted to issues in civic and community engagement in higher education.
  5. Community-campus partnerships (local and global).
  6. Community outcomes resulting from engagement.
  7. Public scholarship.
  8. Program or department-based institutionalization of community engagement.


Application overview
Application Apply Here
Amount of Support $250 – $750 per award
Number of Awards Until funds are exhausted.
Application Deadline

Pending budget availability, 2017-18 applications will be accepted beginning August 25th, 2017.

  • Qualifying events

    To be eligible, presentation/poster proposal must have been accepted for presentation during the period from April 2016 until June 30, 2017.   All funds must be used prior to the end of the current fiscal year (June 30th).

  • Status/Role

    All full-time IUPUI faculty, including lecturers and clinical faculty, as well as instructional staff, are eligible to apply.  Adjunct faculty are eligible with evidence of the support of their chair or director.

  • Application materials

    Applications will be reviewed and funds distributed on a rolling basis until the pool is exhausted.

    A complete application will include all of the following:

    • A copy of the abstract
    • A copy of the acceptance notification
    • Budget listing: registration, travel and any project expenses associated with this presentation
    • Requested funding level, including reporting of other sources of support.
    • Brief proposal narrative.
  • Reporting

    Grant funds will be used to cover expenses associated with fees/costs associated with the presentation/activity outlined in the application.

    Within 12 months following their funded presentation/activity, grantees will share their work with at least one other campus (school or campus venue) (e.g. EC Moore, Research Day, Civic Engagement Showcase, Engaged Scholars' Roundtable, CHEP, etc.) or community audience of their choice. Grantees will report this activity back to the Center for Service and Learning.


    Questions? Contact Mary Price:, 317-278-2662.