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IMPORTANT: Please read all information carefully.  Questions can be directed to officesl@iupui.edu or you can call 317-278-3474.


Service Learning Assistant (SLA) scholarships support faculty and staff work within and across the following domains of practice: teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, service, and capacity building.

While the primary goals of the SLA Scholarship Program emphasize enhancing faculty/staff practice and dissemination, the learning and development of student scholars are also important outcomes for this program. Faculty and staff that accept SLA funds agree to take on the role of Mentor/Co-Mentor for their student scholars.


Prior to disbursing any scholarship funds to the student, BOTH the student AND the mentor will be required to complete orientation and their respective Letter of Agreements (LOAs), as detailed in the requirements below.

  • REQUIREMENT #1: Mentor Orientation and Letter of Agreement

    Complete Mentor Orientation, now available online.

  • REQUIREMENT #2: Supporting Your Student's Professional Development

    SLA scholars engage in powerful, cocurricular learning experiences that provide them opportunities to increase their transferable knowledge and skills. Frequently student scholars come to their mentors’ projects with a desire or need to expand their mastery in a particular area. The professional development requirement provides scholars a space to strengthen their capacity to contribute to their mentor’s project. Funded faculty and staff will be asked to provide information on their mentoring practices as part of their participation. 


    • Each SLA scholar completes at least one professional development activity for each semester of scholarship support.
    • To select an activity, we encourage scholars to discuss their interests with their mentor. Ideas for professional development (PD) activities can be found on the SLA Student Professional Development Webpage. Student scholars are not limited to select opportunities from these options, they are merely suggestions.
    • Through discussion with their mentor, student scholars should select activities based on their degree of fit with the learning goals of the student scholar and the mentor’s project goals. 
    • Student scholars are expected to reflect on their professional development activity(ies) with their mentor(s). The manner by which this is accomplished is determined by the mentor.

    STUDENT REFLECTION OPTIONS (illustrative examples):

    Note: Where appropriate, we encourage mentors to include their community partner(s) in the reflection process with their mentees. 

    Option 1

    Mentor Option 2

    Option 3


    Below is a flowchart to guide Students and Mentors through the Professional Development Requirement Process.


  • REQUIREMENT #3: Evaluate Student End of Semester Narratives

    Students will complete an end of semester (or academic year, depending on length of award) reflection narrative of their experience as an SLA. Mentors are required to follow the instructions below to evaluate their student(s)' narratives


    Student Narrative Evaluation Instructions

  • REQUIREMENT #4: Mentor Report and Survey

    Completion of the Mentor Report and Survey 

    This report is completed once per year per scholarship application.  Mentor reports are submitted at the end of the Spring semester, regardless of whether you have a Fall Only, Spring Only, or Academic Year Award.  Reports for Summer scholarships are submitted in early August.  As part of this Report and Survey, provide summary (outcomes data) for funded projects (for all award categories) and aggregated assessment data (for awards under the teaching category only). **This is done IN ADDITION to the evaluation of the student narrative above.

    Access the link below to complete your Mentor Report and Survey. Please allow 30 to 60 minutes to complete the survey in all.  If you wish, you can save and exit the survey to return at a later time. In order to do this, you must use the same computer/laptop and internet browser in order to pick up where you left off.

    Due Date

    The Mentor Report and Survey for the Academic Year 2016-2017 (includes Fall Only, Spring Only and Academic Year awards) is due on or before Friday, May 19, 2017.

    The Mentor Report and Survey for the Summer 2017 awards is due on or before Friday, August 11, 2017. If you feel that you will not be able to meet this deadline, then please contact CSL at officesl@iupui.edu or by phone at 317-278-2662.


    The Mentor Report and Survey is available here

    PLEASE NOTE: If you need to save and continue your work later, you must re-open the survey on the same computer using the same web browser.

    If you would like to view the End of Award report in its entirety, you can download it here: End of Award Report

Mentor Resources

Programmatic questions? Contact Morgan Studer at officesl@iupui.edu or 317-278-3474.