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Service Learning Assistant Scholarship Program

Get an overview of the Service Learning Assistant Scholarship.

As part of the Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program, Service Learning Assistant (SLA) Scholarships are available to support faculty and staff work associated with community-engaged scholarly practice.  Scholarships are awarded to faculty and staff who, if funded, select a student as the recipient of the scholarship.

SLA scholarship funds are intended to support faculty and staff work that enables them to manage the increased time commitment, logistics, and relationship building required of projects and initiatives conducted in and with communities under the domain of community-engaged/public scholarship. It is expected that such support will enhance faculty/staff community-engaged scholarly practice, provide high-quality student mentoring opportunities, and build capacity for sustainable, mutually beneficial community-campus partnerships.

Please note that awards are granted to support faculty/staff work. Applications to support independent student research projects will not be supported.

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Programmatic questions? Contact Morgan Studer at officesl@iupui.edu or 317-278-3474.