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The Center for Service and Learning (CSL) has designated funds for faculty to participate as Faculty Liaisons for Service Learning. The Faculty Liaison program is for faculty with documented experience in teaching service learning classes and is designed to:

  • Cultivate faculty leadership for the civic engagement aspect of campus mission within the department/school by assuming responsibility as a catalyst to advance service learning and engagement of students in the community.
  • Strengthen professional ties between departments/schools and CSL staff to leverage and maximize internal and external resources.
  • Increase departmental/school support for service learning, civic engagement, and the RISE initiative by developing a cadre of faculty leaders in service learning.
  • Work across units to assess civic learning outcomes related to service learning and broader campus mission of civic engagement.
  • Deepen faculty practice in service learning and civic engagement by structuring discussion, planning, and dissemination of effective strategies for curricular change within programs/majors at the department/school level.
  • Support faculty development within the department/school by advancing the scholarship of service and documenting service in dossiers.
Award Details
  • Amount of Support: $4,000
  • Number of Awards: Maximum of 10
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This program supports faculty with experience in teaching service learning classes to advance the integration of service learning and civic engagement within the curriculum and to work across units to document and assess student learning outcomes. The expectation of each Faculty Liaison is to be recognized as a valued leader within their department/school in terms of their expertise and advocacy for service learning. 

Faculty Liaisons will work with CSL staff and colleagues in their home unit to

  • Convene faculty colleagues to determine civic learning goals and strategies for the integration of service learning into the curriculum over the next three years.
  • Inventory current level of RISE experiential learning activities (e.g., research, international study abroad, service learning classes, experiential internships) and facilitate the use of transcript notations for experiential learning by the department/school.
  • Coordinate an assessment strategy for service learning courses within the department/school.
  • Advise faculty colleagues on best practices and advise CSL staff on unit needs and program goals.
  • Co-host departmental/school workshop(s) and presentation(s) with CSL to reach unit goals.
  • If feasible, collaborate with CSL staff on external grants to secure additional resources for relevant departmental/school goals.

Faculty Liaison meetings will occur three times with CSL staff. Meetings are generally in early January, mid-February, and early May. A final report of activities completed and an action plan of proposed activities over the next three years are due to CSL prior to the beginning of the calendar year in which the faculty member will serve as a Faculty Liaison. 

Faculty Stipend and Additional Support

Faculty Liaisons will receive a $4,000 stipend (paid as a supplement to salary in a lump sum in June). Faculty Liaisons will also be able to apply for matching funds for external speakers invited to present on relevant topics within the department/school. Up to 10 new or renewed Faculty Liaisons will be awarded each academic year, with a maximum of one from each academic unit. 

Who May Apply

Full-time faculty members (including full-time lecturers) from all academic units at IUPUI who have taught a service learning class more than two semesters are eligible to apply for the Faculty Liaison program. Renewals for Faculty Liaison from last academic year will be considered. A letter of support from a department chair or dean must be included in the application materials.

Questions? Contact Julie Hatcher: jhatcher@iupui or 317-278-2370.