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Service Learning Faculty Fellows

The Center for Service and Learning (CSL) has designated funds for experienced service learning faculty to participate in the Service Learning Faculty Fellows Program. This program is designed to:

  • Deepen faculty practice on service learning and civic engagement by structuring discussion, planning, feedback, and dissemination of assessment on best practices in service learning, particularly with respect to civic engagement outcomes for students and strengthening campus-community partnerships.
  • Cultivate faculty leadership for the civic engagement aspect of campus mission by increasing understanding of current service learning literature, particularly as it relates to enhancing the civic learning and development of students through the combined use of service learning and the articulation and documentation of civic learning outcomes.
  • Support faculty development by advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning and by documenting teaching and civic engagement in dossiers.
  • Increase departmental and campus support for service learning and civic engagement by developing a cadre of master teachers in service learning.

Influenced by the success of the CSL Boyer Scholars Program, the Service Learning Faculty Fellows Program supports faculty with experience in teaching service learning classes to improve, document, and disseminate their mastery of service learning and civic engagement to others. The expectation of each Faculty Fellow is to update/develop at least one service learning course (see below) by focusing on the integration of civic learning outcomes, refined reflection and assessment tools, and other aspects of best practice, in addition to making formal presentations to peers and community partners. 

Faculty Fellows will work collaboratively with each other and with staff from the CSL to design service learning courses that

  • Have clear goals, adequate preparation, and meet identified community needs.
  • Implement best practices that support student learning in relation to civic learning outcomes.
  • Effectively communicate to faculty peers and among community stakeholders.
Special Emphasis for 2009–2010: Best Practices for Civic Learning among First-Year Students

In support of new campus initiatives that provide additional avenues to engage students in meaningful reflection and involvement in service, such as RISE courses and the ePersonal Development Planner, CSL invites faculty with a demonstrated interest in teaching first-year students to participate in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) devoted to improving the practice of service learning in First-Year Seminar and Gateway courses. These courses serve as the “front door” to the university, its values, and its expectations. Equally important, they serve a vital role in socializing students not only to the expectations of being an active participant in the community life of the university and beyond, but for introducing students to the concept of educated citizenship and civic-mindedness as a developing component of their personal and professional identities.

With this in mind, the goals of this year’s Faculty Fellows Program will be to:

  • Identify civic learning outcomes for first-years in relation to facilitating and documenting student growth in civic-mindedness.
  • Develop and implement civic learning modules compatible with the ePersonal Development Planner and/or which build capacity for engaging students in later service learning RISE courses (includes International Service Learning, participatory action research, civic internships, etc.).
  • Fellows will be expected to pilot test the developed civic modules in their First-Year Seminars or Gateway courses and to collect assessment data that will inform future practice. The FLC will seek opportunities to present on their collaborative work in campus and external forums.
Award details
  • Amount of Support: $3,000
  • Number of Awards: Maximum of 5
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Questions? Contact Mary Price: price6@iupui.edu or 317-278-2662.