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SAM Newsletter

SAM Newsletter: Useful Information for Sam H. Jones Service Scholars


The SAM Newsletter is a monthly e-newsletter developed to keep all Sam H. Jones Scholars informed, connected, and engaged throughout the year. Through fun and timely information, The SAM provides an inside look to the different programs, their scholars, and the service events going on throughout campus and in the Indianapolis community. The aim of the newsletter is to help scholars from across programs feel connected and part of the Sam Jones Family.

The newsletter's name gives recognition to Sam H. Jones, whom the scholarship program is named after. The SAM also stands for "Service and Me." The dual meaning of the newsletter's title is both a tribute to Sam Jones and to a central pillar of the scholarship program--the interaction of our scholars and service.

See our newsletters from the past year and check back monthly to keep up with our scholars and the overall SHJ program!