Partnership & Collaboration with IUPUI

Exemplary Programs & Best Practices

There is a growing national trend of positive relationships between institutions of higher education and schools, non-profits, government, and neighborhood organizations. This can be done effectively by establishing collaborative long-term partnerships between campuses and communities.

A student sits down to read with a child

The Center for Service and Learning continues to successfully partner in the community with key strategic partnerships and program models.

It is our best practice to involve community voice when designing partnerships and to design programs that are mutually beneficial to both campus and community.

Partnerships and Programs

  • George Washington Community High School

    George Washington Community High School (GWCHS) is an exemplary model for school/community engagement. The school has received the Inaugural National Community School award by the National Coalition for Community Schools and was recognized as “one of the nation’s best examples of a school as center of community" by KnowledgeWorks Foundation of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2004. The strength of this campus/community partnership lies in the work that both IUPUI and George Washington put into maintaining the partnership through monthly community advisory council meetings and partnering on multiple programs at the school to involve IUPUI students in a variety of ways, addressing multiple community needs. Approximately 50–75 IUPUI students, faculty, and staff work with GWCHS each year, with an estimated value of more than $300,000. This work provides a platform for IUPUI students to receive hands-on experience working with students, teachers, and administrators and to be exposed to a thriving community resource in Indianapolis.

  • Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program

    Named in honor of the legacy of Sam H. Jones as a dedicated public servant and longtime CEO of the Indianapolis Urban League, the Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program awards over half a million dollars each year to more than 200 students dedicated to community service. As the largest service-based scholarship program in the country, the SHJ scholarship program honors commitment to service as merit and enables students to be recognized for their commitment to their communities.

    SHJ scholars commit a certain amount of hours with community organizations, organizing large-scale service events, and leading Alternative Break trips while also attending training to learn more about what it means to be a civic-minded graduate. An exemplary practice of the SHJ scholars is the monthly trainings they attend along with the pre-flection and reflection they engage in when serving their communities. All SHJ scholars start out the year with an all-scholar orientation to learn more about one another and the communities with whom they are serving.

  • Community Work-Study

    Federal Work-Study provides funds for part-time employment to assist eligible college students with education expenses for postsecondary education. Community Work-Study provides funds for this type of employment at local non-profit and government agencies. This funding is helpful not only for students but for community agencies as well, since the agencies are responsible for only 25% of the students’ wages each year. Community partners receive assistance at an affordable rate in order to fund projects and programs that advance their missions in Indianapolis while giving students hands-on, real-world experience toward their majors and future career goals. This type of partnership also helps students learn more about the community surrounding IUPUI, helping them to connect their skills and talents to addressing community needs.

    Federal law requires that all campuses utilizing FWS funds ensure that a minimum of 7% of funds are earned in the community. Each year, IUPUI continuously exceeds this minimum requirement, with earnings in the community making up over 30% of FWS funds, with more than 250 students working in CWS jobs. This level of commitment to community work-study positions is an indicator of IUPUI’s commitment to civic engagement and partnership with the surrounding community.