Partnership & Collaboration with IUPUI

Get Involved with CSL Initiatives

The Center for Service and Learning involves community partners, students, faculty, and staff in moving our work forward.

CSL Advisory Board

The CSL Advisory Board comprises members of the Indianapolis and IUPUI communities, including community partners and alumni of the Center’s programs. This is an opportunity to serve and help CSL work toward various goals, improve programming and outreach, and receive feedback on our current work. For more information on how to get involved, please contact Libby Laux Rodefeld at or 317-274-5566.

Robert G. Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase (CES)

Two women discuss service projects at the Robert G. Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium

Held each year in late April, CES is an event that brings together campus and community to celebrate the many different partnerships between IUPUI and the community. This event is planned by many different committees and voices to meet the needs of all our constituents, from symposium workshops, to selecting an event theme, to selecting the speakers we bring to campus. Please consider becoming a voice on this planning committee for the upcoming academic year. Contact Morgan Studer at or 317-278-3474 to learn more about how you can become involved in this great, campuswide event.

Scholarship Selection Committee

Each year, we recruit, interview, and select candidates for the Sam H. Jones Scholarship Program. We are looking for community members and alumni to assist us in the selection process. Committee members are asked to review applications, participate in the interviews, and provide feedback as part of the selection process. If you are interested in serving on a scholarship selection committee, please contact: Lorrie Brown at

Speaker’s Bureau

We are always looking for dynamic, interesting, and informative speakers for our events and scholarship trainings. We may be looking for someone who has significant experience or is an expert in a specific area or possesses a skill helpful to students. If you are interested in learning more about joining the Speaker’s Bureau, please contact: Morgan Studer at