Assessment Resources


Assessing civic learning across an institution can be challenging. CSL staff can help.

CSL is an active participant in supporting and assessing outcomes related to the civic engagement mission of the institution. A representative from CSL serves on the IUPUI Program Review and Assessment Committee, and we collaborate with other units across campus to understand the impact of community engagement. The information is used for various awards, applications for reaccreditation, strategic planning, and as part of the Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement Classification.

As faculty, staff, and administrators within institutions of higher education are developing centers to support the missions of the institutions or are creating infrastructure to ensure civic engagement is integrated into all aspects of the campus culture, CSL is available to assist campuses as they think through the nuances and challenges of the work. Planning ahead for assessment is always a critical component of that process, whether civic engagement is well established or just beginning.

Below is a list of resources that may be useful to you. In addition, if you are interested in scheduling a visit to IUPUI and would like to meet with members of our staff, please contact Libby Laux Rodefeld, associate director, at