Assessment Resources

Digital Storytelling

Telling the Story: A How-To Guide

Couldn’t attend the in-class presentation or just wanted a refresher? These short modules were created to walk you through the technical process of creating a digital story. Keep in mind a great digital story starts with a good narrative. So be sure to give time, thought, and energy to the reflection process, including editing, and considering how the final product will be an illustration of your learning.

Overview of Digital Storytelling as a Critical Reflection Strategy

Come away with an understanding of what Critically Reflective Digital Stories are (and are not) and the key features that make for a great digital story.

  • Module 1

    A first-year seminar reflection

Getting Started & Storyboarding

The most important step in the process is storyboarding – identifying key words/phrases within your narrative. Learn how to do it and what to pay attention to along the way.

  • Module 2

Gathering Images

Using your own images is fine, but we suggest an alternative and explain why here. It is also important to be aware of copyright and intellectual property laws as discussed here.

  • Module 3

Adding Music

While not required, music adds a special tone and meaning to every digital story. Here are some tips and strategies for finding the right song.

  • Module 4

Software Programs

There are over 75 options available that would allow you to create a digital story. The purpose here is to simply give you some recommendations.

  • Module 5