Research Opportunities & Initiatives

Boyer Scholars

Faculty selected as Boyer Scholars receive support to enhance their faculty scholarship on service learning or civic engagement.

Application Application for 2015-16 available in Spring 2015
Amount of Support $4000 ($2000 per semester)
Number of Awards 5
Application Deadline Not available at this time
Notification Deadline Not available at this time

The Boyer Scholars Faculty Development Program is part of IUPUI’s Commitment to Excellence. Influenced by the work of the late Ernest L. Boyer, the program is designed to:

  • Strengthen faculty scholarship on service learning or civic engagement by structuring discussion, planning, feedback, and dissemination of research and scholarly work
  • Cultivate faculty leadership for the civic engagement aspect of the campus mission by increasing understanding of current literature and research on service learning, particularly as it relates to disciplinary expertise
  • Support faculty development by advancing scholarship of teaching and learning and documenting civic engagement in dossiers
  • Increase departmental and campus support for service learning or civic engagement by implementing systematic assessment, evaluation, and research

The expectation of each Boyer Scholar is to complete scholarly publications and formal presentations to peers. Boyer Scholars work collaboratively with each other and the staff of the Center for Service and Learning to create scholarly products that:

  • Have clear goals and adequate preparation
  • Have appropriate methods
  • Have significant results
  • Are effectively communicated to peers, within the discipline, and among community stakeholders

For more information contact CSL Executive Director Julie Hatcher at