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Civic-Minded Professional

Skills. Ethics. Capacity. A civic-minded professional is one who is skillfully trained through formal education with the ethical disposition as a social trustee of knowledge, and the capacity to work with others in a democratic way to achieve public goods.

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The development, acceptance, and wide dissemination of the Civic-Minded Graduate (CMG) scale and rubric was preceded by the development of the Civic-Minded Professional (CMP) construct and scale by CSL Executive Director Julie Hatcher. The intent was to create a tool for research on professionals who contribute their time, skill, and expertise to others to achieve the collective good. Understanding the traits of these professionals can ultimately contribute to more informed strategies to sustain and enhance this practice. This inquiry into the public role of professionals led to the concept of CMP being defined and operationalized into a scale and determined to be a reliable measure and valid scale in particular contexts.

The CMP represents the integration of the following three dimensions:

  • Self-Identity
  • Work, Career, Profession
  • Civic Attitudes, Civic Action, Public Purpose

View the Civic-Minded Professional diagram.

Characteristics of a CMP include:

  • Volunteer and pro bono service opportunities
  • Contemporary social issues, community issues
  • Competency with diversity
  • Consensus building across diverse opinions
  • Participatory civic skills
  • Values voluntary and pro bono service
  • Motivated to serve others
  • Sense of gratitude
  • Social trustee of knowledge
  • Passionate about work
  • Sense of calling, either civic or religious
  • Democratic values

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