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Students, Community, Organizational Staff, Faculty, Campus Administrators/Staff & Community Residents (SOFAR)

Recognize. Identify. Expand. CSL staff members have developed a graphic reflection and assessment process to support campuses and communities in improving communication and network building based on the SOFAR model of partnership relationships.

A student digs a hole to plant a plant through the Beautify IUPUI service project, while another student stands ready to help

SOFAR is an acronym that represents five of the key stakeholder constituencies engaged in community-campus collaborations. These include students, community, organization staff, faculty, campus administrators/staff, and community residents.

View the SOFAR Framework.

In providing a framework for expanding interactions, SOFAR is a means to visually recognize and identify issues outside of one’s circle of knowledge. In other words, SOFAR is a model for using visual reflection tools to build capacity for partnership improvement (PowerPoint). Publications regarding SOFAR detail its usefulness in better understanding and improving partnerships.

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