Research Resources


A student talks with a faculty member at the Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship lunch

There are many funding sources available to support your research efforts and service and learning projects.

Funding opportunities exist internally from the Center for Service and Learning and externally from various other entities.

  • Part of the Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program, Service Learning Assistant (SLA) Scholarships are specifically awarded to faculty or professional staff to support their work. After an award is made, faculty or professional staff identify a student to become an SLA. The SLA then provides support to the community-engaged faculty member’s work in teaching, research, and service. For additional information on the SLA Scholarship, as well as dissemination grants for faculty research, please contact Mary Price at
  • The IUPUI Solution Center’s Community Venture Fund provides matching funds to support community-based internship programs, research projects, or short-term business assistance efforts.
  • Indiana Campus Compact provides grant funding for Service Engagement Grants (SE), the Engaged Campus Grants (EC), Sponsored Research for Service Engagement (SRSE), and the Faculty Fellows Program (FF).