Research Resources



CSL staff and scholars edited and contributed scholarly research to a three-part series of books on International Service Learning and Research on Service Learning (two volumes), providing an excellent resource for conducting research on service and learning.

International Service Learning (ISL) borrows from the domains of service learning, study abroad, and international education to create a new pedagogy that adds unique value from this combination. This high-impact pedagogy has the potential to improve students’ academic attainment, contribute to their personal growth, and develop global civic outcomes. This book focuses on conducting research on ISL, which includes developing and evaluating hypotheses about ISL outcomes and measuring its impact on students, faculty, and communities.

In Research on Service Learning, the authors bring theoretical perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines to critically review past research, describe assessment methods and instruments, develop future research agendas, and consider implications of theory-based research for enhanced practice. Both volumes 2A and 2B open with chapters focused on defining the criteria for quality research. Volume 2A then covers research related to students, while volume 2B looks at community development and the role of nonprofit organizations in service and learning.