About Mary

Mary works with scholar-practitioners, students, and community members as a thought partner and critical friend to strengthen practice, deepen learning, and co-create actionable knowledge. She has over 15 years of experience with high-impact educational practices, including service learning, study abroad, learning communities, and faculty-mentored undergraduate research. 

Her interest in learning-centered and collaborative teaching practices extends to the use of community-engaged teaching methods in graduate and professional curricula. She holds a master's degree in Latin American studies from the University of Florida, Gainesville and a doctorate degree in anthropology from Binghamton University, SUNY. 

Mary's current research and scholarship emphasize the design and evaluation of community-academic partnership relationships on learning and community outcomes, improving campus equity, civic and student agendas through integrated faculty coaching and mentoring, and strengthening climates for ethical and equitable community engagement.

Areas of consultation

  • Theories and methods on civic learning and democratic civic engagement
  • Community-engaged instructional design, graduate and professional programs
  • Engaged departments
  • Community-academic partnership assessment
  • Global service learning
  • Planning for and documenting public and community-engaged scholarship
  • Faculty recognition and scholarship of engagement

Recent publications

Brandy, J., Price, M. F., Clayton, P. H., Metzker, J., Nigro, G., Stanlick, S., Etheridge Woodson, S., Bartel, A., & Gale, S. (2018). Democratically engaged assessment: Reimagining the purposes and practices of assessment in community engagement. Davis, CA: Imagining America.

Bandy, J., Bartel, A. S., Clayton, P. H., Gale S., Mack, H., Metzker, J., Nigro, G., Price, M., Stanlick, S. (2016). Values-engaged assessment: Reimagining assessment through the lens of democratic engagement. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 23(1), 96–101.