Service Learning Assistants

FAQs for students

There is no limit on the number of semesters that an IUPUI student can serve as a SLA scholar as long as they meet the minimum enrollment and GPA requirements. There are other factors that can affect scholarship renewal, including:

  • Satisfactory completion of program requirements by the student
  • Successful reapplication for funding by the faculty or staff mentor

Yes. Both student scholars and faculty/staff mentors are required to complete the orientation once per academic year.

It will take roughly two weeks for the scholarship to be credited to your account once the student scholar LOA and orientation requirements have been met. It is recommended that you go ahead and pay your tuition bill to avoid any penalties. Once the money is in your bursar account, you will receive a reimbursement check or direct deposit refund, depending on how your account is set up.

The Center for Service and Learning staff will send an email once per month about new opportunities for professional development. 

We strongly recommend that you submit your end-of-award report two weeks prior to the posted deadline to ensure that your mentor has adequate time to complete his or her review and so that it will not interfere with your finals.

Failure of student SLAs to comply with the program or reporting requirements can result in forfeited eligibility for future SLA awards.