COVID-19 Community Partner Resources

Connecting Campus and Community During Social Distancing

As we navigate this uncertain time together, we realize that there are likely many questions we are all trying to figure out. We want to know how we can best work together to support you as our community partners. While our campus has gone virtual in terms of teaching and our students are being advised not to continue face to face community engagement during this time, many faculty and staff are still looking for ways to engage their students with community partners. We are trying to think strategically about how engagement can still happen in the midst of social distancing.

In order to connect with you in the most appropriate and meaningful ways, we want to offer a space to highlight what is most useful to you right now. We continue to monitor and post service opportunities via our volunteer opportunities request form. When completing this form, if your needs are particularly urgent/critical or if you have opportunities that can be done remotely or virtually, please indicate so in your posting. With these indicators, we will be able to highlight these opportunities so that they stand out to potential volunteers. 

Continuing Community Engaged Teaching during Social Distancing

We also want to share with you what we are telling our faculty and staff to consider for their community engaged courses right now on our Covid19 resource page. As we support faculty/staff in making sound decisions around community engagement, we invite you to contribute to this resource page. Any additional insights you would like to share can be added to this Google document, and we can update our resource page accordingly. We welcome this information from you! You may also email information to with these insights if that is easier for you.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you during this time. Please reach out at any time with questions, concerns, or ideas for working together.