COVID-19 Student Resources

Student resources for community engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic

Practicing safety measures (such as social distancing) while also figuring out how to be involved in the community can be a difficult task. CSL has compiled some ways that you can positively impact the community at this critical time, while also ensuring that you have the resources to stay safe and healthy. 

Please remember that the needs of and restrictions on our community are changing rapidly.  We will try to update these resources as frequently as possible, but contact the agency or unit first to ensure they are still accessible. 

How can I help right now?

CSL will be highlighting opportunities from their community partners on the Service Opportunities List.  Virtual or urgent opportunities will be marked with a red IUPUI label on the front page.  

Don't forget to check in with the community agency to inquire about their safety measures. 


What about service or community engagement that is required by a class, program or scholarship?

With the advent of  remote learning, as well as cautions against in-person contact, IUPUI faculty and staff have been requested to make adjustments in their community engagement requirements.  Contact your instructor, advisor or director to talk more about your options for community engagement. 

As a point of reference, on March 19, 2020, Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Johnson sent faculty a directive that included the following guidance:  forego direct service or volunteer requirements and, instead, encourage students to complete reflection papers or engage in e-learning activities to approximate the engaged components of their classes, as disciplinary accreditation requirements permit.”  

Read the full statement

 Additional questions?  We are here to help.  Contact Lorrie Brown, Director of Student Engagement at or complete the CSL Peer Consultant form.