Applications, Eligibility, and Funding Criteria


Scholarship Awards

IUPUI faculty and staff apply for Service Learning Assistant Scholarships to support their community-engaged teaching, research, and scholarly activities. Scholarships are awarded to faculty and staff who, if funded, select a student as the recipient of the scholarship intended to provide support for educational expenses (e.g., tuition, fees) at IUPUI.

Scholarship monies are credited to the student’s account in the Office of the Bursar, and students are responsible for the impact an award may have on their financial aid eligibility or limits. If accounts have no balance due, a refund will be distributed to the student. Prior to selecting a student to receive the scholarship, the faculty or staff mentor should have the student check on how the award will impact his or her financial aid eligibility.

Student Eligibility

Funded faculty and staff are responsible for verifying the eligibility of students for the SLA program. Students must be enrolled at IUPUI or IUPUC to be considered for the program. Other requirements include the following:

SLA scholarships may be requested on a per-semester basis or as an academic year award. For more information about the differences, please refer to the application information.

Scholarship amounts are based on the average number of hours per week that the student scholar contributes to a faculty or staff mentor’s community-engaged work.