Service Learning Assistant Scholarship Program

Community Engagement Support

SLA scholars are a critical part of supporting community engagement at IUPUI. They gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in the application of their disciplines in unscripted, real-world settings. At the same time, these students support the public scholarship and creative activity of IUPUI’s faculty and staff. Of equal importance, SLA scholars learn the skills of collaboration and deliberation that are essential to life in an open and diverse society.

In addition to deepening student learning and advancing scholarship, the most impactful projects also challenge SLA scholars to draw on the knowledge, skills, and assets that local community members and neighborhoods can contribute to address the pressing issues that confront our society. As a result, through collaborations with community members, as well as faculty and staff, SLA scholars make important contributions to neighborhoods and communities, both local and distant. Their efforts often include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing new knowledge that supports community development
  • Advocating for policy changes that promote well-being, inclusion, and access
  • Providing services to underserved populations to address community-identified issues

Program Requirements

Student Program Components

  1. Virtual orientation participation and letter of agreement
  2. Professional development activity and reflection
  3. Final award report narrative

Mentor Program Components

  1. Complete mentor virtual orientation and letter of agreement
  2. Support your student’s professional development
  3. Evaluate student's end-of-semester narrative
  4. Complete mentor report and survey

Additional questions on SLAs, mentors, or the application process should be directed to Morgan Studer at or (317) 278-3474.