Program Components

Student Program Components

IMPORTANT: Please read all information carefully to ensure that you are aware of all of the changes that we have made.

  • Scholarship funds are disbursed to student scholars once BOTH the scholar AND the mentor complete their respective program orientation requirements.
  • Questions should be directed to Morgan Studer at or (317) 278-3474. Thank you!

Student Scholar Requirements

The service learning assistants are part of a scholarship program, which means that there are certain requirements and responsibilities associated with accepting the scholarship. The information and resources below are designed to aid student scholars in navigating the program with their mentors.

Student Scholar Orientation

Be sure to view the online presentation once per academic year. SLA orientation is now exclusively online and is required once per academic year for each SLA scholar.


The 2018–2019 SLA Student Scholar Program orientation will be available only via an SLA Scholar Canvas page. If you have been identified as an SLA and do not have Canvas access, please contact Abe Roll at

Deadlines for orientation will be delivered via email and on the Canvas page.

Professional Development

Professional development is an important part of the SLA scholar's program experience. Each SLA scholar is required to complete one professional development activity per semester of scholarship award. Professional development activities should be selected in consultation with your mentor and should provide relevant and meaningful opportunities to maximize the skills and knowledge you gain from your time as an SLA scholar. In addition to participating in such experiences, each SLA scholar is asked to reflect on their professional development opportunities with their mentor. SLA mentors, in concert with each scholar, will determine the method of reflection to be employed following the completion of the activity.

Student Scholar Final Reporting Requirements

Both faculty and staff mentors and student SLA scholars are expected to submit a reflective summary at the end of their award period. All SLA scholar reporting requirements are accessed solely through the Canvas site. To view SLA reporting deadlines and to access links for submission, visit the Canvas site and view the information in the Modules section.