Dissemination Grants

Dissemination and leadership development grants

The Center for Service and Learning (CSL) provides small grants ($250 to $750) to support faculty and instructional staff to disseminate knowledge and other forms of innovation related to civic and community engagement in higher education. Applications that relate to the topics below are welcome:

  1. Instructional models and assessments associated with community-engaged teaching practices, such as service learning, faculty-mentored community-based participatory research, global service learning, interprofessional education, etc. 
  2. Studies using community-engaged inquiry methods (e.g., action research, participatory design, developmental evaluation, participatory evaluation, CPAR).
  3. Research on student learning outcomes, student motivations, etc. associated with community-engaged learning environments.
  4. Theoretical papers or critiques devoted to issues in civic and community engagement in higher education.
  5. Community-campus partnerships (local and global).
  6. Community outcomes resulting from engagement.
  7. Public scholarship.
  8. Program- or department-based institutionalization of community engagement.

In addition, for faculty and staff wanting to grow as evidence-based practitioners and scholars, there are also funds available to support participation in external professional and leadership development opportunities. The funding amounts and timeline for use of funds are the same whether one is applying for dissemination funds or for leadership/professional growth.

Application overview

Amount of support

$250 to $750 per award.

Number of awards

Until funds are exhausted.

Application deadline

Applications are now closed.