Public Scholarship Faculty Learning Community

IUPUI defines public scholarship as an intellectually and methodologically rigorous endeavor that is responsive to public audiences and public peer review. It is scholarly work that advances one or more academic disciplines by emphasizing co-production of knowledge with community stakeholders.

The PSFLC has developed resource materials to support candidates, review committees, faculty administrators, and external reviewers in planning for, interpreting, and evaluating excellence in publicly engaged scholarship.

In addition, the PSFLC has also been an avenue to:

  • Convene, celebrate, and capture stories of public scholars across the disciplines
  • Make recommendations on campus policy and P&T guidelines relevant to public scholarship
  • Explore and leverage digital scholarship as a means to document public scholarship
  • Host events to increase awareness of and the networks for public scholarship
  • Make scholarly presentations on the process and products generated by the PSFLC

The PSFLC was able to secure a fourth year of support to continue its work through the spring of 2019. Several of the resources developed by the PSFLC are available in the accordions below. 

For more information, please contact Mary Price at or 317-278-2539.