Faculty Learning Community on Service Learning Taxonomy

Goals of the faculty learning community on service learning taxonomy

The scholarship of teaching and learning promotes teaching as a scholarly endeavor and as a valuable subject for research, producing knowledge that is open to review and evaluation.

This highly interactive faculty learning community provides an opportunity for service learning instructors to deepen their understanding of service learning as a high-impact teaching practice. Participants review literature that informed the current dimensions of the IUPUI service learning taxonomy, apply it to an undergraduate service learning course to support fidelity, improve course quality, and conduct research on student learning outcomes.

Goals for the academic year:

  • Develop an understanding of good practice
  • Work collectively to refine the service learning taxonomy
  • Conduct a scholarship of teaching and learning research project

Learning objectives for the academic year:

  • Articulate dimensions of quality in service learning course design
  • Discuss current research studies on service learning course design that supports student learning
  • Apply the service learning taxonomy to identify variables that may relate to student outcomes
  • Identify specific learning outcomes relevant to service learning course goals
  • Conduct a scholarship of teaching and learning project using pre- post- design
  • Share findings with others through local, regional, or national conferences