Course Designation and Reporting

Support for course designation and reporting

The Center for Service and Learning provides support and guidance for faculty looking to designate their courses that include community-based or community-engaged learning components. Properly designating and tagging courses helps to form one of the key lines of evidence that IUPUI uses to demonstrate the depth and breadth of civic and community engagement linked to key campus initiatives such as the RISE to the IUPUI Challenge and interprofessional education.

If you’re currently involved in a community-engaged research project, you can share the details on the IUPUI collaboratory website. For questions or more information on the collaboratory website, please visit the Office of Community Engagement.

For consultative support on course tagging and designation, please contact Morgan Studer or Mary Price.

The IUPUI registrar’s office manages several course tagging options for designating courses that include community-based and community-engaged learning components. These include experiential learning notations, graduate and professional notations, and those designations associated with RISE. 

As a result of strategic planning through IUPUI 2025, the campus revised the designations associated with the RISE to the IUPUI Challenge Initiative. The Academic Affairs Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council reviewed the proposed recommendations and approved changes for the undergraduate curriculum; these revisions were effective with fall 2014 courses. 

Registrar course designation and notation information (for use with courses taught in fall 2014 and later):

Campus reports that use CBLI data

  • CSL School Deans' Reports
  • "S" Course reporting for RISE (limited data focused on notated service learning courses under the IUPUI RISE to the Challenge Initiative)
  • Campus Performance Report

Capacity building

CBLI data can be used for more than counting which instructors and students are "out in the community." This data can also be used to strengthen departmental and school conversations about teaching, learning, and community-university partnerships.

The service learning course inventory provides IUPUI programs and schools with a rich set of data for use in self-studies, program evaluations, P/T dossiers, strategic planning, and research. To learn more, contact Mary Price.

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