IUPUI Research Academy

The Research Academy represents a growth point for research and scholarship focused on service learning and other types of engaged learning. The proceedings challenge participants to develop collaborations with fellow practitioners and researchers that will enhance their work and contribute to a collective understanding of service learning and other types of engaged learning. 

  • Research Academy Objectives:
    • Strengthen research on engaged learning, service learning, and community engagement
    • Advance the scholarship of teaching and learning
    • Provide consultation and feedback on research ideas
    • Build a network of service learning scholars
  • Research Academy Topics:
    • Designing theory-grounded research questions
    • Exploring measurement approaches—quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods
    • Advancing your research within a learning community
    • Writing research proposals and manuscripts

For more information, contact: Tom Hahn, director of research and program evaluation, IUPUI Center for Service and Learning, at tomhahn@iupui.edu