Assessing Global Learning: Perspectives from Community Engagement

IUPUI welcomes Dr. Eric Hartman

IUPUI is pleased to host Dr. Eric Hartman from Kansas State University this fall. A nationally recognized scholar on global learning, community-driven development, and critical global citizenship, Dr. Hartman brings a unique perspective to student learning assessment and community-university partnerships borne out of his experience in international community development and his experience in the academy. Prior to his current appointment as an assistant professor in the Staley School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University, Dr. Hartman served as executive director of Amizade Global Service-Learning from 2007 until 2010, through which he advanced community-driven development in more than a dozen communities around the world. Following a successful tenure with Amizade, he went on to serve on that organization's board of directors and to co-found, a steadily growing coalition of institutions and organizations dedicated to best practice global learning, cooperative development, and campus-community partnerships. 

While on campus, Dr. Hartman will share his expertise related to global learning, intercultural learning, and the challenges and opportunities for practitioners balancing the goals of student learning with community outcomes. In addition to his public presentations, he will also participate in several meetings with members of the campus community to share lessons learned from his experiences and national projects he is currently involved in related to fair trade learning and the assessment of critical global citizenship.