Service Learning: The Basics

Workshops on service learning

Service Learning: The Basics is a workshop series designed to serve as both an introduction to and refresher for faculty implementing service learning as a high-impact pedagogy. Service learning in its various forms is a distinct teaching and learning experience infusing elements of experiential learning, meaningful service in and with communities, and critical reflection to deepen learning. Participants may find it helpful to attend workshops as a series or may choose to attend one or two based on specific workshop content.

This series covers such topics as:

  1. Introduction to service learning/overview of key principles 
  2. Designing critical reflection to deepen learning in service learning
  3. Working with community partners in service learning partnerships
  4. Assessing the learning in service learning

Recognizing and harnessing some of the benefit and accessibility that online training offers, we took the time to develop this series into an online module format via Canvas. Please learn more about the course and how to enroll here.

For questions about the series or to set up a consultation to specifically discuss your course, please contact Morgan Studer, director of faculty and community resources, at 278-3474 or