Civic-Minded Professional

The civic-minded profession represents the integration of the following three dimensions:

  • Self-identity
  • Work, career, and profession
  • Civic attitudes, civic action, and public purpose

A CMP is one who is (a) skillfully trained through formal education, with (b) the ethical disposition as a social trustee of knowledge, and (c) the capacity to work with others in a democratic way, (d) to achieve public goods.

Characteristics of a CMP


  • Volunteer and pro bono service opportunities
  • Contemporary social issues and community issues


  • Competency with diversity
  • Consensus building across diverse opinions
  • Participatory civic skills


  • Values voluntary and pro bono service
  • Motivated to serve others
  • Sense of gratitude
  • Social trustee of knowledge
  • Passionate about work
  • Sense of calling, either civic or religious
  • Democratic values